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Generic Provigil online

Generic Provigil 200mg Medication Description:

Buy Provigil online in UK. Is an oral medication prescribed to improve wakefulness in people who are suffering from extreme sleepiness and diagnosed to have any of these sleep disorders: narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea. When taken to treat OSA, Generic Provigil 200mg is used with other medical treatments such as a breathing device. Order Provigil 200 mg has helped improve not only the alertness of those suffering from these sleep disorders, but it has also increased their quality of life significantly. So if you're suffering from any of these sleep disorders and you want to combat your excessive sleepiness, then drug might be the right solution for you.

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Medication guide:

Uses of Generic Provigil 200mg

Provigil, a wakefulness-promoting agent for oral administration, is prescribed to treat excessive sleepiness associated with different health conditions such as narcolepsy (a very serious neurological condition known to cause excessive and uncontrollable daytime sleepiness), shift work sleep disorder (feeling extremely drowsy when it's time to sleep and being awake when it's time to sleep, and affects mostly those who work at night or in shifts) and sleep apnea (a condition in which your breathing is interrupted during the night). Buy Provigil 200mg helps those suffering from these conditions by promoting wakefulness.

How should Generic Provigil 200 mg be taken?

The recommended dose for Provigil is usually 200 mg to be taken once a day. When used to treat narcolepsy and OSA, a single dose of drug should be taken in the morning. When used to treat SWD, Provigil should be taken around 1 hour before the start of the patient's work shift. In some cases, doses of up to 400 mg a day, taken as one single dose have been well tolerated, but evidence proving the additional benefits of taking drug beyond the usual 200 mg dose has not yet been fully established.

What are the Precautions when Taking Provigil?

Even if you want to order Provigil online without prescription, it is still recommended that you talk to your doctor about your plans in order to make sure that your treatment with generic Provigil 200mg is going to be beneficial and safe for you. It is important to inform your doctor everything related to your health conditions such as any of the following: history of mental problem (which includes psychosis), high blood pressure, heart problems or if you've had a heart attack, liver disease or kidney disease, history of alcohol or drug abuse or addiction, are pregnant or wanting to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. Also, it is important to inform your doctor about all of the medications that you're taking. Women who are taking hormonal birth control may have greater chances of being pregnant while taking medication and even after one month of stopping drug. Ask your doctor about other birth control methods that may work for you while under nedication treatment. You should not take generic medictation, if you have had any allergic reaction to generic Provigil or generic Nuvigil or to any of its active ingredients.


Other Things to Consider Before Taking provigil

Generic Provigil 200 mg may affect your thinking and judgment, so you shouldn't engage in any potentially life-threatening activities such as driving a car or operating machinery until you and your physician know how medication may affect you. Avoid drinking alcohol while you are under drug treatment. Generic Provigil is not recommended for use by children for any purpose. It is not yet established whether it is safe or if it works in individuals who are under the age of 17.

What are the Side Effects?

Provigil may cause some side effects, the most common of which are headache, feeling nervous, nausea, stuffy nose, back pain, diarrhea, feeling anxious, dizziness, trouble sleeping, and upset stomach.

When to Seek Medical Attention?

Stop the use Provigil and call for medical help immediately if you notice any of the following severe side effects:
  — Mental or psychiatric symptoms, which include depression, seeing things or hearing things that do not
      actually exist, feeling anxious, increase in activity, suicidal thoughts, aggression, and other
      mental problems.
  — Symptoms of a heart problem, such as chest pains, trouble breathing and abnormal heart beats, and.

Serious Side Effects

Drug may cause other serious side effects such as a skin rash or a serious allergic reaction that may have an effect on different parts of your body including your blood cells or your liver. Any of these require immediate medical attention as these could be life-threatening. Anytime you notice a skin rash, blisters, sores in your mouth, hives, peeling, blisters, or yellowing of your skin or eyes, dark urine, difficulty breathing or swallowing, or fever, stop the use of drug and call your physician immediately or seek emergency help.

Other Side Effects

Aside from the side effects mentioned above, there are still other side effects of medication. Inform your doctor right away if you notice any side effect that does not go away or feel anything unusual. Ask for medical advice concerning side effects from your doctor.

In Case of Emergency or Overdose

If you believe you have taken an overdose, seek medical help immediately.

Some Faq's:

What is the difference between brand and generic?

Making choice between brand and generic provigil, one might always ask himself what the difference between them can be. Firstly is certainly the price. Medication will cost substantially less than the brand drug. Consequently there might be some difference in quality conditioned by lower cost. But there is not. Let us clear the issue. Originally Modafinil (the substance that is the basis for all generic drugs of the category) was developed by Lafon, then the rights were sold to US Cephalon Inc, and the company owned all the rights for brand Provigil in the US till 2012. The process of development and approving a medication before marketing is costly. It includes years of scientific investigations, then performing clinical trials, afterwards advertising and marketing the medication. Consequently, the price of a brand drug will include all those expenses during its long way to a pharmacy counter. And what is about generic drug? Generic manufacturer skips the stages of development and marketing, that explains the lower cost. The requirement of US Food and Drug Administration to the generic drugs is a good argument in favor of generics' quality. The requirement states that generic Provigil must have exactly the same dosage, intended use, effects, side effects, route of administration, risks, safety, and strength as the original (brand) drug. Thus, generic drug is completely the same as brand Provigil. Any time you need a good remedy for your illness, you can order drug at our online pharmacy.

Why is generic medication better than traditional stimulants?

For all the diseases generic Provigil 200mg is noted for its good tolerability in patients, high effectiveness and working only in the targeted area of the brain, not affecting other processes in the human organism. The basis for drug - substance Modafinil was developed in France by company Lafon in late 70s of the past century. Medication does not cause change of mood, euphoria, have low abuse potential. It has gained popularity within healthy people as well due to its ability to improve endurance, focus, mental capacity. Military forces of different nations displayed interest to the medication, as it may help soldiers stay awake for long time and preserve good physical and psychic combat condition. You can always order medication at our online med store.

By 2012 it has been marketed in the US by pharmaceutical company Cephalon, Inc. But the price of a brand Provigil 200mg is not always affordable for all the patients, and here a good business is done by generic manufacturers, as they produce practically the same medication but with a lower price. You can always order drug from a reputable Indian manufacturer at our online drug store.


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74% increase of the sales of generic Provigil UK in 4 years - has a "panacea" for sleepiness been found?

Comparatively new diseases as compared to the 20th century are spreading more and more in the world of today. Neurologic and sleep disorders may become the most frightening threat for the 21st century medicine. While quite recently the major diseases were caused by infectious bacteria, today many doctors claim that stress and general tough psychological environment is the key to understanding why this or that disease progresses. Nevertheless, modern pharmacological science and industry give a good answer each time to this or that challenge. One of prominent developments of today's scientists is medication - the central nervous system stimulant that is applied successfully for fighting with excessive daytime sleepiness. When you were prescribed this medication, you can always order drug at our online pharmacy.

General information about generic Provigil indications

US Food and Drug Administration, state regulatory authority in the US and one of the most authoritative bodies in the world, has approved medication for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness in adult people suffering from Narcolepsy, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD). For numerous people around the world drug became the means to have ordinary way of life being ill. In order to understand how the medication helps narcoleptic people, for example, one should know what the symptoms of the disease are. Narcolepsy is a dangerous disease, posing danger to the life of the patient. The illness causes sudden fits of sleep many times a day. This is called excessive daytime sleepiness. The person with Narcolepsy cannot control these fits and can faint into sleep while driving, walking in the street, or being involved in any other activity. Medication works in the zones of the brain responsible for sleep and alertness and promotes wakefulness. Unfortunately, Narcolepsy cannot be treated, but its main symptom - sleepiness can be relieved by Provigil UK. Good therapeutic effectiveness plus very few and seldom side effects make drug one of the best medications for overcoming excessive sleepiness. Any time you need a reliable help in your medical condition, you can order Provigil UK at our online med store.
For OSA medication is an adjunct, used to improve wakefulness during the day, as due to lack of good sleep at night a patient is often sleepy during the day. SWSD is a disease of people working on night or rotated shifts. In this case drug is used to promote wakefulness and good performance during the night.

Off label usage of Provigil 200mg

Though medication is a prescription drug and is a controlled substance in some countries, we cannot but mention the fact that numerous people around the world are using being fully healthy. The matter is that this medication opens new horizons of workability and performance at work. The ability to work longer, to sleep less and not to lose efficiency meanwhile is quite important for many people on their way to success. The drug also gained certain popularity within sportsmen, soldiers and other professions that require extra strength and endurance. This is the most disputable issue about the drug. Medication has been clinically tested to have little side effects, that are observed in few people, but the doctors remind us that nothing can replace a good natural rest during sleep and also say that there have not yet been held studies in long usage of the drug. Therefore, the risk, taken by the people who strive for success and are ready to sacrifice natural sleep for it, can be estimated only in long-term prospect. But still we even can hear about some "secret society" of successful people using Porvigil for off-label purposes. These people are strongly convinced that success is the main priority even if you are not sure what the consequences may be. You can always order medication at our online drug store.

Some precautions before taking Generic Provigil 200 mg

Like any other medication, medication is not recommended to some categories of patients, can cause side effects and has some limitations for use.

First of all, a patient should know that drug cannot cure the disease itself, it only helps to overcome the symptoms of Narcolepsy, OSA and SWSD. When applying the drug for OSA, another treatment for the illness itself should not be quitted. Medication is an adjunctive medication for OSA.

Provigil is a prescription drug. The dose and duration of treatment are defined only by the doctor. Generally, for Narcolepsy and OSA one pill of drug is taken in the morning. For SWSD one tablet is taken one hour before the night shift starts.

Generic Provigil may react with another drugs you are taking, therefore do not forget to tell your doctor about other medicines you are using. Generic Provigil 200 mg is a central nervous system stimulant, affecting the work of the brain and heart. Geriatric patients should better avoid using the drug. People with cardiovascular diseases, kidney and liver problems are not recommended to use the drug as well. Pediatric use is prohibited. Pregnant women and those planning pregnancy should consult the doctor to estimate possible risks and benefits. Hormonal birth control methods may be ineffective during the use of drug.

Medication is generally good tolerated, but still during clinical trials some side effects were observed: back pain, diarrhea, headache, feeling anxious, nausea, dizziness, feeling nervous, upset stomach, trouble sleeping. Side effects may be provoked by simultaneous using of Porvigil with other drugs, or by personal reaction of a body to the drug. The percent of people complaining of side effects is quite small. Drug may also cause serious side effects, call emergency immediately if you feel some major discomfort or suspect you have allergy.

Driving and other potentially dangerous activities should better be avoided before you know how your organism reacts to drug. Alcohol should be avoided during taking medication.

When you have consulted with your health care provider and weighed all pros and cons, you can order Provigil at our online pharmacy.

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