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Modalert is a tablet for wake

Today in a century of dynamic rate of life many of us experience a severe lack of time and dream about a day, which may last much more than 24 hours. Also many people dream about the possibility to wake up easily in the morning and feel energetic and active without dozen cups of coffee.

It turns out that scientists for nearly of three centuries try to create an effective preparation that can help to stay awake for several days without damage to health. And it seems to be that British and American pharmacists are very close to the invention of tablets for increased mental activity.

The medicine that was developed by British and American scientists is called Modalert. Its testing was started more than 7 years ago, and during researches it was shown, that this medicine allows a person to sleep only 2-4 hours a day and be fresh, active and energetic.

Of course, many people take refreshing products based on caffeine or amphetamines, but they have strong negative side-effects. After taking such a medicines people feel the extraordinary burst of energy, but the consequences of the use of these tablets is very negative such as trembling of hands, depression, tiredness and dependency on these preparations. But Modalert has no such a side-effects and it is absolutely safe for health.

Despite the fact that scientists create Modalert for increasing mental activity and inform that this preparation will not cause any harm to human health, there are some experts who doubt in incredible power of Modalert. For example, the director of the U.S. National Center of sleep disorders study, admits that if a person takes these tablets quite for a long time, there is a high risk that a person will not bear such an intensive activity. First of all, our body is not an iron mechanism, and its vital systems can have a serious failure without sleep and normal rest, though our nervous system may not give us a signal of tiredness.

So, Modalert is recommended to use only in extra-cases, because it is a strong preparation and it influences on mental activity and reduces need for sleep. The average dosage of the medicine is 400 mg per a day. It is strictly prohibited to increase this quantity, because it may have serious consequences for your organism. One dosage is 100 mg of Modalert. It may be taken 40-60 minutes before intensive mental activity. This preparation is very popular among students and fans of night life.



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