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Modalert - short overview

Modalert is one of the most famous and effective preparations, which helps people to be active 40 hours in a row and use their potential maximally.

The active ingredient of Modalert is Modafinil. It was synthesized in the late of 1970s by French pharmaceutical company Lafon Group. In 1986 results of tests showed that the medicine not only treats narcolepsy, but also reduces the need for sleep for some time. In 1994 the production of tablets based on the active ingredient of Modalert was started in France. In 1993 Lafon Group sold the rights to use of this preparation to American company Cephalon. In December 1998 FDA authorized the sale of Modalert as a medicine for treatment of narcolepsy.

After testing of this medicine in a series of experiments on human volunteers it was found out that they showed more concentration of attention, more mental activity and a sharp increase of IQ.

So, Modalert inhibits the need for sleep, increases physical endurance, improves memory, level of intellect and other parameters of mental activity. It should be noted that the pharmacological profile of the preparation has nothing common with amphetamines and methylphenidate. It is a medicine of new generation and unique action.

The advantage of the mentioned preparation is the absence of side effects (anxiety, agitation, insomnia), which is usually clearly expressed during taking other "prescription stimulants". Modalert is not addiction preparation, it practically does not cause euphoria. It can be used to maintain clear thinking during the long absence of sleep. It reduces peripheral stimulation of the nervous system and has little effect on blood pressure. Tthe preparation is absolutely save for human health.

Experimentally, Modalert is also used for treating of the following diseases:
— Alzheimer's Disease
— Depression
— Attention Deficit Disorder
— Multiple sclerosis caused by tiredness
— Postanesthetic intoxication
— Age-related memory impairment
— Idiopathic hypersomnia
— Circadian rhythm sleep disorder

Previously used preparation "Dexedrine" had a lot of side effects, such as anger, anxiety, tremor, a sense of powerlessness.

People, who regularly use Modalert can be active and fresh for 40 hours without sleep. This preparation has been successfully tested during the military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.



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