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Modapro is a Stimulant of the New Generation

Modapro in the world of pharmacology

Wonders in the world of pharmacology happen every day, and every new discovery is a real miracle. The aim of the most popular designs of the pharmacists is to fight against depression and to increase sexual energy, allowing you to enjoy a hurricane of emotions again and again. Prozac and Viagra are taken daily by many people, gradually gaining the whole world. The new facility that makes bids for the global influence is Modapro. With its help, you can be awake more than 40 hours in a row while maintaining high activity, good humor and a great attention. You can order Modapro at our online pharmacy.

Modapro improves memory, increases general perception, reaction, and cognitive abilities. It has a mild effect, unlike amphetamines, allowing you to stay awake for a long time and it is easy to fall asleep after the drug has ended.

In the US, Modapro is sold in pharmacies under the name "Provigil", "Alertek" and "Modalert". It is included on the list of the officially approved drugs. It can be prescribed to patients suffering from drowsiness, narcolepsy and sleep disorders, shortness of breath and a sharp decrease in the rate and depth of breathing. You can get help in those disorders if you buy Modapro at our online med store.

The relevance of Modapro

The drug that allows to stay awake more than 40 hours, fully preserving the physical and mental strength, and having no effect of "hangover" has quickly received popularity all over the world and gained the fame of the time moving remedy. It also has no side effects that are common for other stimulants (cocaine, caffeine, amphetamines), such as, for example, shaking hands. In the modern speed of life psychostimulants become actual to all people: students, workaholics and fans of nightlife.

It is impossible to maintain the high speed of life without the use of stimulants. This is confirmed by studies of Australian scientists. During their experiments, it was found that 17 hours of constant drive or use of alcohol greatly reduce mental abilities, reaction and even the capacity for judgment. And 24 hours without sleep, reduce all the mental abilities of a person twice.

Modapro permits to stay afloat much longer. And it is not surprisingly that the US military likes it so much. The sustained operations require a full mobilization of all the soldiers. Moreover, in military practice to sleep a couple of hours a day for a few weeks is just a usual thing. For many years, American scientists have searched a way to keep good spirits of soldiers, while avoiding the side effects such as declining of mental capacity after the end of the drug action. Modapro is a drug that can improve intelligence of the soldier and increase the efficiency of the troop at many times. Modapro allowed to continue effective fighting as long as it is necessary, until the weather permits. You are welcome to order Modapro at our online drug store any time you want to perform better than usual.

Modapro may be a coffee substitute

However, Modapro has won recognition not only in the military. The advanced American population uses Modapro as a coffee substitute. This is natural, as twenty years ago caffeine was used to mobilize the US military. Caffeine received its fame and eventually came into use, and doses were growing constantly. Twenty years ago the average American took 70mg of caffeine per day, today the norm is 300mg. Coffee contains the biggest amount of caffeine, so coffee enjoys great popularity in the world. By the way, the global turnover of coffee is estimated at more than $ 70 billion a year.

However, the positive effects that have been observed at the beginning of the reception, gradually taper off, and the person needs coffee just to bounce back. Modapro does not have such effect, and is suitable for continuous use with minimal impact on health. You can order Modapro at our online med store 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Speed of life with Modapro

Today, the representatives of many professions that require a long waking take Modapro: the army, special forces, doctors, ambulance staff, police officers and firefighters. Modapro is also popular among taxi drivers, truckers and even programmers. In addition, in the US Modapro has become one of the most popular club drugs that allows dancing from the evening to the morning, then come home and go to sleep peacefully and wake up without feeling any effects of the past.

Pilots of the U.S. stealth F-117A were successfully taking Modapro and flying at high speeds for 18.5 hours continuously! These results impressed the scientists and command. So far, this result is a world record, and Modapro made it possible. In addition, the pilots showed high combat abilities: made decisions quicker and demonstrated just surgical accuracy when shooting. These soldiers were involved in the Iraqi operation "Desert Storm."

Throughout the test, the pilots received a dose of Modapro every 5 hours. They were connected to a computer with special sensors that gave scientists a variety of indicators of activity. Pilots were tested not only in the training mission. Their ability to solve mathematical equations and to plan military operations also was estimated. The movement of the apple of the eye and the change of its size was investigated as well. Scientists noted that during the first 25 hours of the test greatly increased the capacity, than remained stable, and from the 33 to the 38 hour there was a slight decrease, but this decrease did not return pilots to the normal levels. Overall, the results showed an increase in the combat effectiveness of pilots on 60-100%.

All the described advantages aim to show the value of our generic medication in the modern world. Despite all the cases of its use for goals other than therapeutic, we should tell that Modapro is a prescription drug and should be taken only after the approval of the doctor. We offer you to buy Modapro at our online pharmacy and get your medication fast and easy.

  Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.

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