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Off-label applications of Modavigil

Although sleep disorders have nothing to do with hazardous infections, the spread of the diseases of this category and daytime sleepiness in particular can be called a growing epidemic of the 21 century.

The World Health Organization foresees that neurological disorders may be one of the main threats to public health in the nearest future. The development of technologies and appliances, emitting electromagnetic radiation, like mobiles, the environment, polluted by toxic substances, the rhythm of life, requiring from a modern human too much mental and psychic effort to gain success, and the fact we are living in the informational era pose new challenges to all of us. Many of them are connected with preservation of healthy and balanced psychological state, without changing the custom intensive mode of life. The pharmacological answer to the new challenges is the development of central nervous system stimulants like Modavigil, enabling patients to cope with excessive daytime sleepiness. Our online pharmacy offers you to order Modavigil any time you need it.

General information on Modavigil usage

Modavigil is a stimulant of a new generation, developed to fight with excessive daytime sleepiness and approved by US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of this symptom in patients with Narcolepsy, Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD) and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

The value of such drugs like Modavigil for narcoleptic people cannot be overestimated. Narcolepsy is a hazardous disease which can cause numerous urges to sleep during the day. When a sleep fit occurs, the patient cannot resist it and inevitably falls asleep, losing control of the body and the mind. These urges are unpredicted and uncontrollable. Modavigil helps to reduce the sleep attacks and sleepiness by stimulating the central nervous system. You can always buy Modavigil at our online med store.

For people with SWSD Modavigil can be a good remedy to cope with constant changes in sleep and alertness timetable. Working on night or rotated shifts can lead to SWSD, a condition, when a person is sleepy during the night shift and cannot get enough rest while sleeping at daytime. Modavigil is taken one hour before the working shift begins, promoting wakefulness and general good performance of a person.
In OSA patients Modavigil is an adjunct medication to the main treatment. People with OSA often feel sleepy during the day because of lack of good sleep at night and Modavigil can eliminate sleepiness.

Our generic medication is aimed at relieving the symptoms of the mentioned diseases, and it cannot cure the illness itself. For any of your needs, you can order Modavigil at our online drug store.

Precautions before using Modavigil

Some categories of people should not use Modavigil, among them are:
– Children
– People with liver or kidney problems
– People with cardiovascular diseases
– People allergic to Modavigil or to other ingredients listed in the leaflet

Modavigil has pregnancy category C. Pregnant women and women planning pregnancy and those during lactation period should weigh pros and cons of using the drug. Geriatric patients are recommended to take smaller amounts of the drug. Oral contraceptives may be not effective during the treatment with Modavigil. When the doctor approved this drug for you, you can order Modavigil at our online pharmacy.

The facts about off-label usage of Modavigil

Modavigil is a prescription drug and a controlled substance in some countries. It should be prescribed by your physician and a patient should follow the doctor's advice in detail. The medication has some side effects and is contraindicated to people with certain conditions. Still, we cannot but mention that many people use Modavigil for off-label reasons. The nature of the drug makes possible working and staying in good physical and mental condition for a long time without sleep. It improves memory and general endurance, enabling a person to do much more than usual. On their way to success many people are ready to sacrifice sleep to the ambitious goals. In the mass media one can often find the news about some top manager, taking one pill of Modavigil at 6 a.m. afterwards travelling to another country and having an important meeting there, coming back home and delivering a successful report at 6 p.m. The working day is then continued to the late night and in the morning everything starts over. The volume of work that seems impossible for one person for a day becomes feasible, as Modavigil is a considerable support to your brain. Programmers, clubbing youth, soldiers, police and anyone in need often use Modavigil off-label. This is also promoted by the very few and seldom side effects to the drug and pure action of the medication, which does not cause high emotions, addiction, and other characteristic of amphetamines side effects. One pill is like 20 cups of coffee. They say Britain was built on slaves and caffeine, then what could be said about Modavigil? Perhaps this could explain the off-label popularity of the drug. Our online med store welcomes you to buy Modavigil with us.

Modavigil as a source of extra powers for soldiers and athletes

We should warn you against uncontrolled usage of Modavigil, it should only be taken after you doctor's consent and in compliance with his directions. Still, it is not a secret that special forces and the military are interested in potential usage of Modavigil. It has undergone trials in the US and French military. Due to its stimulating action, the medication has gained popularity between sportsmen as well. The International Olympic Committee has referred the medication to doping agents and prohibited its use. We cannot know what other applications Modavigil will receive in future, but at present it is well understood, that this is a breakthrough in pharmaceutical industry, offering great support in fight with daytime sleepiness and, in fact, a source of extra powers for people in need. You can order Modavigil at our online pharmacy 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.

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