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Provigil online - some facts about the history of development and drug application

Provigil General information

Buy Provigil is a prescription medication, aimed at overcoming the state of excessive sleepiness in people, suffering from narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), shift work disorder (SWD). The drug is indicated for symptomatic treatment of the mentioned medical conditions by the major world drug agencies and US Food and Drug Administration in particular. The action of Medication in a human organism is expressed in promoting wakefulness due to effect on the zones in the brain responsible for sleep and alertness. Although the way drug acts in the body has not yet been fully understood and scientifically explained, the effectiveness of this preparation has been proved clinically and, together with little side effects shown, has led to enormous popularity of the drug throughout the world. For people in need to maintain and promote alertness medication can truly be called a reliable and safe remedy. Narcolepsy can't be treated by modern medicine, but its symptom - sudden unexpected and uncontrollable sleep attacks - can be relieved with medication. Thus, narcoleptic people have a medication that helps them live like all other people. In other cases connected with OSA and SWD Provigil proves to be the drug to help work and live with less discomfort. Whenever you need help in your medical condition, you can always order Medication at our online med store.

Some historic facts

Originally, the medication that is today known as drug was developed in France in 1970s. The French pharmaceutical company Lafon invented a substance, named afterwards Adrafinil. Adrafinil was used in France for narcolepsy and associated sleep disorders by 1986. In 1990s the derivative from Adrafinil, Modafinil was acquired. In the US, for instance, the medication with active ingredient Modafinil was marketed under the name Provigil and since 1998 medication is available on prescription in the US. Cephalon Inc. initially marketed drug under a leasing agreement with Lafon, but in 2001 Lafon was bought by Cephalon Inc. and now the company owns all the rights for Provigil. Besides the brand medications based on Modafinil, there is a number of generic drugs with the same characteristics, but quite cheaper, what makes them more and more popular. Throughout the world Modafinil is marketed under different names. In the USA, it is known as Provigil, in France - Modiodal, in Canada - Alertec, in New Zealand and Australia - Modavigil, in India -Modalert. Recently Cephalon Inc. has produced a new form of the drug known as Nuvigil. When you need a trusted and clinically checked medication for your particular need, you can always order Medication at our online drug store.

Indications and safety information

For each particular indication medication is taken on different schedules and sometimes in different doses. It is a prescription medication and one should consult with the doctor and follow his instructions. In general, for narcolepsy and OSA one pill (most often 200 mg) is taken once in the morning. The medication promotes alertness during the day, improving physical and mental performance of the patient. As for SWSD, one pill is usually taken one hour before the night shift begins. Medication improves working abilities at night time, maintaining good general condition of a person. There are a number of off-label indications of medication. They are not approved by US Food and Drug Administration, but are of interest for health care providers in different countries. At the moment drug's ability to be helpful for the treatment of attention deficient hyperactivity disorder, cocaine addiction, Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, depression and general fatigue is being studied. You can always buy medication at our online pharmacy and receive you drug easy and fast.

Safety information concerning

Medication is a central nervous system stimulant. It works in the the brain areas responsible for circadian rhythms, improving alertness and fighting with sleepiness. The nature of the drug makes it prohibited for people with cardiovascular diseases, psychic disorders. Besides, people with renal and/or hepatic dysfunctions are also not recommended to take medication, as it is eliminated through the kidneys and the liver. The preparation can be used only by adults, pediatric implementations are prohibited. Pregnant women, women planning pregnancy and those in lactation period should follow the doctor's advice and use the drug only if expected benefits outweigh possible risks. The use of hormonal contraceptives may be ineffective during taking Provigil. Geriatric patients should check the work of heart and blood pressure during drug administration and use drug with more care. In case of OSA, the other treatments for the disease should not be quitted. Do not take the drug if you are allergic to its components. If you suspect overdose, call emergency immediately. After you have discussed the issue with your doctor you can Order drug at our online med store.

Special attention must be paid to all other medications, vitamins and food supplements taken together with Medication. They may interact with the drug and cause undesirable side effects. One shouldn't forget to inform the doctor about all the medications he/she is currently using.

Post marketing experience analysis and clinical trials show that drug is good tolerated and side effects are rare and mostly inconsiderable. Most common side effects to medication may include, but are not limited to: headache, nausea, feeling nervous, stuffy nose, diarrhea, back pain, feeling anxious, trouble sleeping, dizziness, and upset stomach.

Generally we can conclude that Provigil belongs to one of the considerable developments in modern pharmaceutical world, which make the life of patients easier and more comfortable. You are always welcome to order drug at our online pharmacy.

Is it safe and legal to order medication online?

Today numerous online merchants offer different medications. The issue is about how safe it is to order with them and whether the process of purchasing from abroad is legal. An online pharmacy that sells generic medication from a reputable manufacturer would be a good choice. Simple things that should be checked before you purchase a drug online are: online pharmacy should provide the information about the manufacturing company, the ordering process should be clear, you should always be able to contact the representatives of the pharmacy via the mentioned telephone, Email, chat or other means provided. After you decided to order drug online, you can order it safely at our drug store.

Major online drug stores offer you to issue a prescription if you haven't got one and guarantee 100% satisfaction, what means the order will be reshipped free of charge if it is lost in the customs, for example. After you checked all the information about the chosen online med store, you may also read consumers' reviews and look through the info about the drug a pharmacy offers on its website. Reputable companies provide comprehensive description of their medications, mentioning side effects, effects, contraindications and other factual information, lacking in bright adds and commercials.

Each particular country has its own legislation for Modafinil - based drugs, like Provigil, Modalert, Nuvigil, Modapro, Modafinil, Modvigil, etc. and it determines whether a drug can be delivered to this or that country. Reputable online med stores offer a prescription for you and sell it in a completely legal way that is why you order drug legally in such pharmacies. We as a reputable online drug store with about 6 years of successful business in the area, always welcome you to order generic drug with us.

Memory improvement

The question became important since this smart drug shows good effectiveness in brain productivity enhancement. A respective clinical trial was held in Germany and showed that drug has a "subtle" effect on memory improvement. Generic medication helps people focus on the task, keep concentrated and in this way is useful in learning process. It doesn't affect memory processes physiologically in people who had enough sleep. However, drug is more effective in memory improvement for sleep deprived people. Spatial planning, visual memory and mostly short-term verbal memory span were noted to be enhanced.

When you are thinking of using Medication for your medical condition or other purposes, we would strongly recommend you to consult with your doctor first. Up to now the feedbacks on this generic medication are majorly positive and new fields of its application for various diseases are being studied. Our online pharmacy always welcomes you to order Generic drug with us.

  Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.

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