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Survey of Modavigil effectiveness for treatment Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Our online drugstore offers you a description of pharmaceutical properties of Modavigil - a drug of the new generation for people with daytime sleepiness.

This article will be specifically devoted to the use of this preparation for brain stimulation needs to cope with Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD). SWSD is often observed in people working night shifts. To order Modavigil at our online pharmacy is the fast and secure method to get your medication.

Today's life in the age of information requires great mental capacity and prominent brain activity to gain success and achieve the challenging objectives. Lots of people need to work overtime and night shifts without losing good working condition and having the ability to overcome the desire to sleep, caused by human biological clock. Considerable investigations by different scientific groups throughout the world were made to find a preparation for maintaining and stimulating man's ability to work when the organism is exhausted and needs a rest. The modern pharmacy of today offers such a medication - Modavigil. It is a generic drug, which has acceptable price and is known for its safety and good pharmacological effect. Whenever you need a support for your brain during hard work or your usual night shift schedule, you can buy Modavigil at our online drugstore.

What makes Modavigil different from other stimulants?

We should mention that the drug has successfully undergone clinical trials and is approved by the respective health care institutions. Still, the mechanism(s) of its action in a human body are not precisely known yet. Modavigil supports and/or promotes wakefulness of a man.
The effect of the drug is noted for improving the ability to stay awake only, without influencing the mood or other psychic conditions of a patient. This marks it out from the other types of stimulants. Absence of traditional side effects of the drugs from stimulants' category (high feeling, addiction and other) singles Modavigil out and proves it to be a competitively good means for overcoming sleep urges. The preparation decreases the worsening of memory, psychomotor and neurosensory abilities from the lack of sleep and empowers brain's adequate performance. Buy Modavigil when you suffer from Shift Work Sleep Disorder or need improved brain capacity to cope with your task.
Clinical tests revealed the change in electrophysiological characteristics responsible for alertness - the coefficient alpha rhythm/ theta rhythm when using Modavigil. The change of appetite or behavior has not been observed.

A few words should be mentioned about the elimination of Modavigil.
The drug is withdrawn from the organism mainly by the liver in the process of metabolism. It takes about 10-12 hours for semiejection of Modavigil to be finished after prolonged usage of the medicine. The excretion process is completed by the kidneys.

Precaution before and during the use Modavigil

First of all, take care to follow your doctor's prescription. The dose, the schedule and any changes in the course of treatment are defined by the doctor. The overdose by the drug is practically impossible if you follow the prescription.

Secondly, before you start taking the drug, inform your doctor about all other illnesses you are having now or have had before. Modavigil is a stimulant. Special attention should be paid if you have had before or are having now any heart problems or blood pressure disorders, kidney or liver problems. Never forget to name to your doctor all the drugs you are currently using, including over-the-counter medicines and herbal or food additives. When the decision to use the medicine is approved by your doctor, you can buy Modavigil at our online pharmacy.

Pregnant women, breast feeding mothers or planning to become pregnant women should consider the usage of the drug with double care. The pros and cons should be estimated and only if the expected benefit will be more than possible harm the preparation is applied. People under 18 and over 65 years old need to weigh possible benefits and harm before they start to use Modavigil as well.

Thirdly, like any other medicine, Modavigil may cause side effects. This is a response of your body to the drug. Each person may have his/her own reaction to the drug. Sometimes the side effects may disappear after your body accustoms to the ingredients of Modavigil. Among the most common side effects are: headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, back pain, nervous feeling, poor appetite, sore throat, runny nose, dry mouth, upset stomach, feeling anxious, dizziness. When you feel any of these symptoms ask your doctor's consent whether to go on using the preparation.

The drug may be used for long periods. Order Modavigil at our online medstore any time you need to refill your medication.


When you have the signs of allergy like hives, skin rash, sores in your mouth, or your skin blisters and peels, any sudden attacks of wheeziness, difficulty in breathing, swelling, rash or itching, immediately call emergency. The complications of allergic reaction may be severe, therefore you should receive medical care right away.

Modavigil Overdose!

Immediately call emergency if you suspect you overdosed with Modavigil, even if you haven't got any symptoms.

The pills should be stored protected from excessive heat, moisture at room temperature in a place with restricted access for children.
The given information is not exhaustive and aims only at familiarizing you with the drug. You may get the complete information about Modavigil at your doctor or in the leaflet, provided with the drug.

  Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.

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