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What is the main difference between amphetamines and Modafinil?

Dr. Gary Zammit, one of the founders of Modafinil, said that this medicine is not an amphetamine. It is a unique product that influences on certain brain centers and regulates the process of waking. Of course, this preparation is not intended to relieve a person from sleeping for a long time or at all. The researches in this direction were not carried out. However, some scientists believe that the medicine can be used to maintain high level of attention and clarity of thought during the long absence of sleep.

The usage of Modafinil as a stimulant of attention showed that unlike amphetamines it has positive influence on memory, mental and physical activity without serious side-effects. The medicine does not cause syndrome of dependency, it practically does not cause euphoria and reduces peripheral stimulation of the nervous system, has little effect on blood pressure. During clinical researches it has been proven the safety of Modafinil.

It is to be used by many soldiers of different armies of the world. Previously it was used the preparation of amphetamine Dexedrine, that had significant side effects such as nervousness, anger, sense of powerlessness and tremor.

Unlike amphetamines Modafinil helps to be active for 40 hours without sleep without significant side-effects.



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